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* [[VolViewerBuildingFromSource|Building VolViewer from source]]
* [[VolViewerBuildingFromSource|Building VolViewer from source]]
=<span style="color: Navy">Image Gallery</span>=
=<span style="color: Navy">Image Gallery</span>=

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What? How? Where?

The VolViewer main application window.

What? VolViewer is used for viewing volume images from, for example, confocal microscopy or optical projection tomography (OPT).


  • Real-time volume rendering using an optimized 3D texture slicing algorithm.
  • Interactive transfer functions to independently adjust opacity and intensity for up to three data channels.
  • Real-time per channel thresholding, brightness and contrast operators.
  • On-the-fly gradient computation for local illumination.
  • Iso-surface computation with surface smoothing.
  • Section viewing in any orientation / position.
  • Real-time volume clipping.
  • 3D measurements, filters & segmentation.
  • Key frame interpolation for movie export.
  • Stereo rendering using either quad buffer or anaglyph mode.
  • Scripting interface to other systems, e.g. Matlab, OMERO, etc.

How? It is open source and written in C++ using OpenGL, OpenCL and Qt.
Where? Binaries are available for the Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, see below.

Requirements: An OpenGL 2.1 / GLSL 1.20 compatible GPU with a recomended 512MB of memory.

User Documentation

Sample Data

VolViewer Figure2.gif VolViewer Figure3.gif VolViewer Figure5.gif VolViewer Figure7.gif
Antirinhium Meristem Arabidopsis Seedling Arabidopsis Leaf (GL2:GUS expression in red) Arabidopsis Leaf (Ath8:::GUS expression in red)
Download Download Download Download

* all data courtesy of Karen Lee [1]


Although we try to keep up to date builds these sometimes lag behind the SVN trunk. So if you want the latest version / features, it is best to build the application from the trunk of the SVN. The build system is based on qmake for easy cross platform compilation.

Windows (32bit) Windows (64bit) Linux MacOS X (i386/x86_64/10.5+)

Note that for the windows versions you will need to install the corresponding Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package which can be found here: 32bit and 64bit.

Source Code

Public SVN: https://cmpdartsvr1.cmp.uea.ac.uk/banghamlabSVN/VolViewer/

Building from source

Image Gallery

1272 wh rgb.png Am0front.png Anthers.PNG Anti flower OPT.png Antirrhinum flower small.png Ara seedling colour.png Cells.png Cs0prxz0.png GL2 GUS.png Leaf trichomes.png Leaf5.png LFY GUS Arabidopsis inflorescence 512.png OleosinSeed.png OPT Leaf copy.png Seedling copy.png Senecio floret copy.png Snapdragon Peloric mutant.png Tissue.png Z9r3j2yx.png Zeds48ci.png 1896 wh txr light.png Ara flower.png Arableaf ath8 OPT.png Arableaf young ath8 OPT.png Enhby820.png Nilleafdev.png Seedling OPT.png Senecioclip.png Silique.PNG


VolViewer has appeared in the following:

Front cover: Handbook of Plant Science | Front cover: The Plant Cell | Royal Microscopical Society: Infocus Magazine | Bundled with the Bioptonic 3001 scanner: Bioptonics Viewer | The Guardian newspaper: 3D Fruit fly | Qt Ambassador program | Triffid Nurseries website