Jerome Avondo

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One of the main methods to communicate information to the brain is by exploiting the human visual system. Due to this I am interested in the field of real time rendering to create new visualisation tools. I work primarily on creating visualisation tools that allow biologists to interact with microscopy data. This involves exploiting the graphics processing unit to achieve real time rendering of multi-dimensional biological data. By using interactive visualisation it is possible to create intuitive tools to allow quantification of multi-dimensional biological data.

I also have an interest in data management solutions to facilitate the interaction between biologists, visualisation and image processing.

Lastly I also have a strong interest in online and collaborative tools to facilitate interactions between multi-disciplinary teams of scientists.


  • OMERO: flexible, model-driven data management for experimental biology. Chris Allan, Jean-Marie Burel, Josh Moore, Colin Blackburn, Melissa Linkert, Scott Loynton, Donald MacDonald, William J Moore, Carlos Neves, Andrew Patterson, Michael Porter, Aleksandra Tarkowska, Brian Loranger, Jerome Avondo, Ingvar Lagerstedt, Luca Lianas, Simone Leo, Katherine Hands, Ron T Hay, Ardan Patwardhan, Christoph Best, Gerard J Kleywegt, Gianluigi Zanetti & Jason R Swedlow PDF
  • UFEEL: Using Haptics and Stereo to place landmarks in three-dimensional volumetric images. - Paul Southam, Johann Strasser, Karen Lee, Jerome Avondo and Andrew Bangham PDF
  • Visualising Plant Development and Gene Expression in 3D using Optical Projection Tomography. - Karen Lee, Jerome Avondo, Harris Morrison, Lilian Blot, Margaret Stark, James Sharpe, J. Andrew Bangham, and Enrico S. Coen PDF