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Video Demos

It is recomended you view these videos in fullscreen by clicking on the movie player Flvfullscreen.png icon.

<wikiflv width="320" height="240" logo="false">VolViewerOverview.flv</wikiflv>


This is a demonstration of the main visualisation functions found in VolViewer. The video will demonstrate:

  • Loading data using drag and drop.
  • Using Transfer Functions to control the opacity and intensity of your data.
  • Using Clipping Planes to reveal internal areas of your data.
  • Using the Maximum Intensity Projection mode.
  • Changing the Background Colour.
  • Quickly saving Screenshots
  • Using the Orthogonal Section views.
  • Customizing, saving and restoring the application Layout.
  • Controlling the Render Settings.
<wikiflv width="320" height="240" logo="false">VisualBookmarksMovies.flv</wikiflv>

Visual Bookmarks and Movies

This movie will demonstrate how to use the visual bookmark and movie features. The video will demonstrate:

  • Using visual bookmarks to easily save, transformations, transfer functions and clipping states.
  • Movie frame export using the Movie Output tool.
  • Creating custom movies using Visual Bookmarks
  • Creating Rotation, Rock and Orthogonal Section movies.


Multi-Channel Data

16-bit TIFF data