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* [[VolViewerUserManual|Quick Guide with exercises.]]
* [[VolViewerUserManual|Quick Guide with exercises.]]
* [[VolViewerTutorials|Video Tutorials.]]
=Image Gallery / Sample Data=
=Image Gallery / Sample Data=
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Public SVN: [https://cmpdartsvr1.cmp.uea.ac.uk/banghamlabSVN/VolViewer/ https://cmpdartsvr1.cmp.uea.ac.uk/banghamlabSVN/VolViewer/]
Public SVN: [https://cmpdartsvr1.cmp.uea.ac.uk/banghamlabSVN/VolViewer/ https://cmpdartsvr1.cmp.uea.ac.uk/banghamlabSVN/VolViewer/]
=Video Demos=
{|border="0" align="center" style="text-align:center;"  cellpadding="15" cellspacing="3"
|<wikiflv width="320" height="240" logo="false">Interaction_Demo3.flv|Interaction_Demo3.png</wikiflv> <br><center>This video shows the interactive visualisation capabilities of VolViewer.</center>
|<wikiflv width="320" height="240" logo="false">Measure1_Demo.flv|Measure1_Demo.png</wikiflv><br><center>This video illustrates how to capture the shape of cell outlines using the measurement tool.</center>
|<wikiflv width="320" height="240" logo="false">Measure2_Demo.flv|Measure2_Demo.png</wikiflv><br><center>This video shows the measurement and clipping capabilities of VolViewer to capture a 3D cell.</center>

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The VolViewer main application window.

VolViewer is an open source application for the interactive visualisation and quantification of biological data. The application is written in C++ using OpenGL and Qt.


  • Real-time volume rendering using an optimized 3D texture slicing algorithm.
  • Interactive transfer functions to independently adjust opacity and luminance for up to three data channels.
  • Real-time per channel thresholding, brightness and contrast operators.
  • On-the-fly gradient computation for local illumination.
  • Iso-surface computation with surface smoothing.
  • Section viewing in any orientation / position.
  • Real-time volume clipping.
  • 3D measurements, filters & segmentation.
  • Key frame interpolation for easy movie creation/export by interpolating transformations, clipping and transfer function states.
  • Stereo rendering using either quad buffer or anaglyph mode.

Requirements: An OpenGL 2.1 / GLSL 1.20 compatible GPU with a recomended 512MB of memory.

User Manual

Image Gallery / Sample Data

VolViewer Figure2.gif VolViewer Figure3.gif VolViewer Figure5.gif VolViewer Figure7.gif
Antirinhium Meristem Arabidopsis Seedling Arabidopsis Leaf (GL2:GUS expression in red) Arabidopsis Leaf (Ath8:::GUS expression in red)
Download Download Download Download

* all data courtesy of Karen Lee [1]


Although we try to keep up to date builds these sometimes lag behind the SVN trunk. So if you want the latest version / features, it is best to build the application from the trunk of the SVN. The build system is based on qmake for easy cross platform compilation.

Windows (32bit) Windows (64bit) Linux (64bit) MacOS X (i386/x86_64/10.5+)

OMERO Support

It is possible to build VolViewer with support for the Open Microscopy Environment, please see the guide below:

Source Code

Public SVN: https://cmpdartsvr1.cmp.uea.ac.uk/banghamlabSVN/VolViewer/


VolViewer has appeared in the following: