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VolViewer class libary

Within Matlab, detailed help on each function can be obtained by right-clicking the name or typing

help functionname
  • VolViewer.m
    • VOL=VolViewer; % creates a VolViewer object
    • Usage
      • data.VO=VolViewer(1,'D:\VolViewer_x64','D:\VolViewer_x64');
        where 'D:\VolViewer_x64' is the location of VolViewer on the current computer.
    • Access functions
    • set.m
      • VOL=set(VOL,'attribute',value); % sets an attribute (field) in the VolViewer object. More than one attribute:value pair can be set in one call.
    • get.m
      • attribs=get(VOL,'attribute1','attribute2'); % gets a attributes (field) from the VolViewer object. More than one can be retrieved in one call. attribs is a cell array.
    • display.m
      • VOL %This overloads the normal display routine. Thus, leaving off the semicolon causes the object to be displayed
  • commandsVOL.m
    • [VOL,SoftError]=commandsVOL(VOL,varargin)
    • Where VOL is a VolViewer object, and varargin is a series of VolViewer arguments, e.g. 'set_channels(0, 0, 0)','open_msr('somepath\file.msr')'
  • imshowVOL.m
    • VOL=imshowVOL(VOL,'PathToImages','E:\MATLAB\3D Arabidopsis Leaf Shape Models\SN20#1L1_x0p98y0p98z0p80conf'); %Where 'SN20#1L1_x0p98y0p98z0p80conf' is the name of a directory containing a stack of png images to be displayed in VolViewer. The command will automatically create a VolViewer object - which should be used in any further calls to VolViewer. Unfortunately, there is (at present) no way for Matlab to verify that VolViewer is actually running, so don't close it causually.
    • Usage
      • VO=imshowVOL(VO, 'PathTo', PathName); % where Pathname is the path to the directory containing the image stack.

VolViewer auxilary library - uses the class library

VolViewer demonstrations