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>> help myDepFun

 Tool for recursively finding what further functions a function depends on.
 myDepFun then creates a subdirectory of the 'toolbox' directory and copies
 all the 'external' functions that it finds into that directory.
 It also puts a copy of the full results (.mat file) into that subdirectory.

 WARNING: if the function depends on classfiles (in a directory with a name beginning with @)
 then please create a subdirectory within the directory 'toolbox' with the following form
 'NAME_Dependencies_outside_TOOLBOX' and copy the classfile directories and contents directly
 into this new directory, e.g.

 (This is because 'depfun' does not recognise classfile types.)
 name, name of function m file inside a toolbox (without the suffix)
 toolbox, path and name of the toolbox in which the function resides and which would normally
          be expected to contain all the functions needed. Functions outside the toolbox
          are 'external' tools
 all, default false and the final list excludes functions in the toolbox, 
           if true then all functions are listed and external files are not copied into a local directory
 Dep_List, a list of all the external tools with their DArT_Toolshed paths

 at present this does not check each filename to see whether there is an associated
 compiled version, i.e. dll, mexx64 etc.
 To add a check would be straightforward if there is always an associated .m file

 J. Andrew Bangham, 2012