Adding GFtbox to Matlab's search path

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This short tutorial shows how to add the GFtbox to your Matlab search path. Effectively, this allows Matlab to 'see' the toolbox and allows you to execute GFtbox commands without typing the full path of each script.

Although the screenshots shown here are from the Mac edition of Matlab 2009b, the processes involved in adding a search path are consistent across Matlab versions.

Click 'Set Path...' from the 'File' menu in Matlab.

Clicking File >> Set Path...
Click the 'Add with Subfolders' button.

Clicking Add with Subfolders
Navigate to the path of the GFtbox. Click on parent directory and click 'Open'.

Selecting the parent directory of the growth toolbox
The window will show the directories added to your search path. Click 'Save' and then the toolbox is ready to use.

Clicking 'Save'
Typing the first few letters of a GFtbox command, followed by the pressing the tab key, will bring up a list of possible completions. This confirms that the toolbox has been added to the search path.

Matlab auto completing 'GF'