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VolViewer: VolViewer is an application for the interactive visualisation of biological data. The application is written in C++ using OpenGL and Qt. It is fully cross platform.


  • Real-time volume rendering using an optimized 3D texture algorithm.
  • Interactive transfer functions to independelty adjust opacity and luminance for up to three data channels.
  • Real-time thresholding, brightness and contrast operators.
  • On-the-fly gradient computation for local illumination.
  • Iso-surface computation.
  • Section viewing in any orientation / position.
  • Real-time volume clipping.
  • 3D measurements.


Nvidia Geforce 8 and above.


Windows (32bit) | Windows (64bit) | Linux (64bit) | MacOS X (i386/x86_64/10.5+)

Source Code

link to SVN