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Computational biology

Growing complex biological shapes from patterns of gene expression

LabelledCropped GPT Snapdragon 2010-000340-0001.png LabelledCropped GPT Snapdragon 2010-000490-0001.png LabelledCropped GPT Snapdragon 2010-000570-0002.png LabelledCropped GPT Snapdragon 2010-000570-0007.png LabelledCropped GPT Snapdragon 2010-000570-0003 double.png LabelledCropped GPT Snapdragon 2010-000570-0002 triple.png


Viewing three dimensional volume (microscopy) images

Cs0prxz0.png Leaf trichomes.png Cs0prxz0.png GL2 GUS.png Leaf5.png OleosinSeed.png OPT Leaf copy.png Seedling copy.png Snapdragon Peloric mutant.png Tissue.png Z9r3j2yx.png 1896 wh txr light.png Ara flower.png Arableaf ath8 OPT.png


Analysing shapes: faces, leaves and flowers

Have you seen the original paintings? Do they exist?.


Vision: MSER's, extrema, filter-banks, Sieves and Scale-space

AAMToolbox AAMToolbox


Applications' of non-linear filter banks (sieves) and the art of light and shade


These images were produced from photographs using ArtMaster (formally known as PhotoArtMaster). The software received many favourable reviews when it was released (e.g. "This software can give you a lot of satisfaction from your everyday photos", [1]

The final (so far unpublished) version of ArtMaster including code is downloadable from here. I cannot provide support but quite of lot of documentation is available within 'this document


Reaction-diffusion and morphogenesis - the growth of shapes

Tentacles reaction diffusion.png Tentacles morphogenesis.png

This image forms part of a 'journey' in the Science Museum of London's 'Journeys of Invention' iPad app.


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