VolViewer access from Matlab

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VolViewer class libary

  • VolViewer.m
    • VOL=VolViewer; % creates a VolViewer object
  • set.m
    • VOL=set(VOL,'attribute',value); % sets an attribute (field) in the VolViewer object. More than one attribute:value pair can be set in one call.
  • get.m
    • attribs=get(VOL,'attribute1','attribute2'); % gets a attributes (field) from the VolViewer object. More than one can be retrieved in one call. attribs is a cell array.
  • display.m
    • VOL %This overloads the normal display routine. Thus, leaving off the semicolon causes the object to be displayed

VolViewer auxilary library - uses the class library

  • imshowVOL.m
    • VOL=imshowVOL( 'PathToImages','E:\MATLAB\3D Arabidopsis Leaf Shape Models\SN20#1L1_x0p98y0p98z0p80conf'); %Where 'SN20#1L1_x0p98y0p98z0p80conf' is the name of a directory containing a stack of png images

VolViewer demonstrations